Monday, April 25, 2011

What happens when you give an 8 month old a camera?…..

I've always been an advocate of giving kids cameras. It's always so interesting to see the world from their vantage point and to see the items they select to photograph. When I worked in photofinishing, I'd so often process kid's cameras, the photos usually full of photos of family, pets, and their favorite toys.

If you know me, my cameras are very near and dear to me. I’m not sure if it was a lapse in judgment from a lack of sleep, a moment of weakness caused by that cute baby face, or a sudden moment of clarity, but last week, I handed my camera over to my 8 month old.

Let’s start by saying that we’re talking about an inexpensive underwater point and shoot camera (underwater=drool proof!), not my digital SLR!

I must also add that if I want to take a photo of Ethan, I have to be super crafty. As soon as he spies my camera he launches himself towards it and reaches with his go-go-gadget arms. Suddenly, photo time is over (or definitely altered)!

Seriously-Watch what happens when I take out my camera…

After I took this video of Ethan crawling full speed ahead across the room to me (correction: to my camera), I flipped it around and let him watch the video I had just captured. He watched it in awe—legs kicking, arm flailing with excitement-- 5…10…15 times? When I stopped replaying the video, he just had to see for himself.

I turned the camera to photo mode and let him watch the live preview in the display.
He was thrilled when he realized he could see Mommy in the camera. I tried to show him how to push the shutter button, but he was way too distracted. So I let him hold the camera to look at me, and I pushed the button.

The results?
IMGP1808 IMGP1806
Pretty good! Not to mention, he was equally intrigued when we reviewed the photo he had taken.

The take away?!?
It’s so easy to say “no, you’re to little,” but with a little patience, the positive results can be long lasting. Obviously judgment is warranted. I don’t suggest a baby “learn” on a piece of equipment that is near and dear to you. Disposable cameras work just as well.
Try it- You may be surprised!

Has your kid taken a great pic? Please share a link in the comments section! I'd love to see them!


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