Saturday, April 2, 2011

First stop, Maryland Science Center

It's so difficult to find fun and engaging places to take a baby. Sure, my son can find joy in a trip to the mall or the grocery store, but I'm talking about real enjoyment.

My husband and I really needed a weekend away. As with anything I do, I sat down and really did some research on places that we could go. We wanted to limit our stay to one night, and be within reasonable traveling distance of South Central Pennsylvania. I had a really hard time finding anything that would suit two adults and a 7 month old.

Then I found not one gem, but TWO in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Our first stop was the Maryland Science Center. Besides having a really cool dinosaur exhibit and a pretty neat planetarium, complete with an observatory, they have a great Kids Room. The Kids room has play and discovery areas for kids of all ages, but of course we were specifically interested in the room for children 0-2 yrs old!

The room is relatively small, but oh so big for a little person. One corner of the room had a dark cave type area, painted to look like you were under the ocean. Seaweed like streamers hung from the ceiling. The floor was a giant water bed, covered with big soft blocks to stack and crawl on. Fun!

Another side of the room was covered in play mats with many different levels to maneuver. This area was complete with big Lego type blocks to stack (equally good for chewing on).

The rest of the room was carpeted with numerous toys and books to explore. Ethan had such a good time having the opportunity to really explore!

For older kids and adults, the museum was really fun too. The museum was very interactive, but unlike some science museums, it didn't feel dated.

A good time for all! :)

And definitely take the time to check out Port Discovery while you're there!


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