Friday, June 14, 2013

Playroom Makeover

We use the formal living room space at our house as a playroom. It's full of toys. White walls. White bookshelves. Brown couch. Boring. Boring. Uninspiring. Seriously, I always felt like it was a total drag to sit in there for any period of time.

My goal was to create a fun, kid friendly playroom space that was fun, but could fit in with the adjacent adult dining room. This time I started at Target with some curtains. Oh Target, how you inspire me to empty my bank account. Oh yeah- I wanted to make over this room a bit without opening up a paint can (sorry folks, just not ready to cross the bridge yet!)

So here it is, my mood board for this project. I started with an analogous color scheme-- blue, blue-green, and green. I didn't use all of these exact items, but did end up with similar pieces.

It's just a few small details, but it sure makes the room seem so much cozier and more enjoyable to be in. Also, the little table is the perfect size for a Lego Duplo Plate or for coloring; the pouf makes a great "adult seat" at the table. All in all, a much more functional and happy space for the whole family! What'cha think?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Nidhi Chanani Coloring Pages

One of my favorite artists, Nidhi Chanani has two coloring pages up on her website for free! Check them out, they're really cute!

And definitely look at her work while you're there. I own at least seven of her prints. I just absolutely love them. Nidhi has lots of art for sale on her website, and also in her etsy shop.

I love when the art and designs that I enjoy cross over with childhood so seamlessly. :)

Have fun- and be sure to color some pages yourself!


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