Friday, December 21, 2012

Pony Bead Wreath

I can't remember which blog I read a few weekends ago that reminded me about making a beaded wreath. I thought I pinned it, but no (would have liked to give credit where credit is due). Although honestly, I think I really did see this a few different places since. Holiday brain strikes again.

Anyway, I thought the project would be great for a teacher gift, and since I already had the pipe cleaners and pony beads laying around, it was quite convenient.

Ethan loved beading, and talking about the wreaths and who he wanted to make them for....but he never did finish any. Just as he'd get them just about to completion, he'd pull all the beads off and start over. So really, the only complete wreaths we have are the ones I made while we were crafting together...but as they say, art projects are really about the process at this age, so in that case, we found success.

I'm certain this will be my last post before Christmas, so here's wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time is Precious, Kits are OK

I grabbed a gingerbread cookie kit on a whim at CVS the other day. The reality is that our holiday time is running short, and I wanted to get in a cookie activity (in case that homemade dough in our fridge never makes it into cookie form). These were great. Ethan could have cared less that they came from a kit, and honestly, the only eating he did was licking up the frosting and sprinkles. Also, he thinks gingerbread men are cool (he calls it a "breadman") and frankly I don't really care for gingerbread--so win-win.

It's so easy to get caught up on your favorite fabulous blogs and Pinterest and feel like you're a holiday season failure.  BUT, you can see how into it he was, and how proud when he was done. So today I'm here to say, it's ok to take shortcuts...especially if it saves you precious time to sit back and enjoy the season.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Loves- Christmas Magic

There's nothing more magical to me than the holiday season. 

Although I haven't been blogging much lately, we really have done some neat things to celebrate the season. 

Here's our holiday snapshot:

This was the first year that Ethan really got to meet Santa. It seems like this year, Santa was there every time we turned around. THREE different times. Once they played ball together. Once they were wearing the same hat. And once he arrived in the neighborhood on a firetruck. Some other highlights were a light dusting of snow (the first in Ethan's memory), decorating a cookie at a holiday party, putting tinsel on the tree, and tons of Christmas stickers.

Our other favorites (not pictured) are driving through the neighborhood in search of lights (how delightful to live in a 'hood where people decorate). We especially love the "arrow house." They have this giant illuminated arrow pointing to their chimney. Most awesome. Also loving the holiday movies...especially Frosty the Snowman, and the (admittedly less exciting) Frosty Returns. Ethan loves the holiday tunes too...he's a caroling machine. 

Hope you're getting out there and enjoying the magic this year. :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Year in Review Infographic

I had made my decision- this was going to be the year without a holiday newsletter. Besides moving, we didn't have a lot of large landmark events this year. I felt like I was writing a newsletter just because I thought that I should. I was totally uninspired. 

Our goal for this season was to get our cards out early, and we gave ourselves a deadline (since last year our cards didn't go out until well after the new year). Two days before our deadline, I saw this great resource from the lovely Alma Loveland on about creating a holiday infographic instead of a holiday letter. Now that was something I could get on board with.

So here's my version:

Much more interesting than the letter I didn't want to write (imho).

If you want to know more about making your own holiday infographic, be sure to check out Alma's tips and free icons to get you started! I have to admit, those great icons saved me a ton of time!

Have you ever made a similar stuffer for your holiday cards? I'd love to hear about it!


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