Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Number Walk- Learning Through Play

When we go for walks around the neighborhood, one of Ethan's favorite things to do is to look for house numbers on mailboxes. We stop by each and every one and practice reading the numbers. It's been a great way to learn to recognize and reinforce his numbers. And frankly, it's a good opportunity to be outside!

Follow up with a great counting book like The Waterhole by Graeme Base (a favorite book around our house) and you've got quite the evening cut out for you!

  See! Lots of happy smiles :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dusting off Little Loves

I'd kind of gotten away from picking up the camera again for awhile. My photography seems to ebb and flow depending on so many different factors. Sometimes life gets in the way...sometimes I'm just totally uninspired. And to be honest, I'm perfectly ok with that.
I've been relying on my cell phones for photos a lot lately. I actually paid for a few apps so that I can do a lot more image processing on the phone as well. My hope is to get back to my "Little Loves" images...photos of just everyday stuff.
Using my phone has given me the ability to sneak in a photo edit from time to time...not to mention, a camera that's a little bit more inconspicuous...so not to get the toddler "CHEESE- here's every single one of my teeth" faces (as much as I want to squeeze those cheeks, I want to see those eyes!) Well, ok, maybe that only works for a fraction of a second--sometimes that's all I need. Sure, it's not my beloved SLR, but it's filling a niche.
So here's four of my most recent shots that I'm enjoying right now...
Mac and Cheese and "Red Juice"
"Bathtub Paleontologist" with replica T-Rex tooth


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