Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Loves- Christmas Magic

There's nothing more magical to me than the holiday season. 

Although I haven't been blogging much lately, we really have done some neat things to celebrate the season. 

Here's our holiday snapshot:

This was the first year that Ethan really got to meet Santa. It seems like this year, Santa was there every time we turned around. THREE different times. Once they played ball together. Once they were wearing the same hat. And once he arrived in the neighborhood on a firetruck. Some other highlights were a light dusting of snow (the first in Ethan's memory), decorating a cookie at a holiday party, putting tinsel on the tree, and tons of Christmas stickers.

Our other favorites (not pictured) are driving through the neighborhood in search of lights (how delightful to live in a 'hood where people decorate). We especially love the "arrow house." They have this giant illuminated arrow pointing to their chimney. Most awesome. Also loving the holiday movies...especially Frosty the Snowman, and the (admittedly less exciting) Frosty Returns. Ethan loves the holiday tunes too...he's a caroling machine. 

Hope you're getting out there and enjoying the magic this year. :)


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