Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring has Sprung Fingerprint Tree

I found the idea for this project on the Handprint and Footprint Art Blog for a "Fingerprint Spring Cherry Blossom Tree." (Love!) In the original project, you can actually use it as a counting lesson (which is awesome!) I wanted to try it out and see how it would adapt for baby art.

Painting our Tree
I used aluminum foil as a pallet and spread on the pink paint. I then helped Ethan dip his finger tips in the paint and helped him dab it on the paper.

I'm not usually a big fan of directing where he puts the paint, so you can see that there are some smears where I let him add his own personal touch (maybe my favorite part of the whole tree!) Afterwards, I gave him some more paper and let him paint his heart out in his own way.

After the paint dried, I used a pencil to sketch out the trunk and branches, and then painted them while Ethan was napping (yeah, he napped today- amazing stuff!)

When he woke up, we used the same technique as the flowers to paint the grass.

I think it turned out really well, and even though he had some help, he really seemed to like looking at the tree after it was finished. It's a great example of how today Ethan and I worked together to create something really cool! :)


artsy_momma said...

He did a great job! Do you put his age on it somewhere? Thanks for leaving the link... I love to see what others have done :) Cute blog background too!

Crafting Play said...

Thanks! Ethan was 7 months old when he painted his spring tree. He loves to paint! Thanks for stopping by!!

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