Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Tot Trails at Port Discovery!

Our second stop in our trip to Baltimore was at Port Discovery. Port Discovery was generally suited for an older crowd of children until their very recent addition of the Tot Trails room. Tot Trails covered a range of ages from 0-3yrs, and did so very well. Ethan had soooo much fun I thought the smile was going to pop right off his little face!

I was really impressed by how well thought out the Tot Trails exhibit was. There was a significant attention to detail, and a visible focus on discovery being an important part of child development and play. Little port hole windows close to the floor hid a butterfly or a squirrel inside (fake of course)!

There were "crawling trails" too. The name is pretty self explanatory, but the walls of the crawling trails were littered with different textures and items to explore along the way. Some of the trails had small hills or even small stairs to maneuver (a great challenge for our new crawler!)

There was also a large mat play area which was surrounded by a mirrored wall. The large mat area had other large soft structures to play on as well, like the big canoe in the picture.

The "bigger" kid area was off set from the "baby" area, and had a fun play structure. In between there was also a sand station where you could play in the sand (although we elected this time to keep the sand at the beach!) Possibly the best part of this section was the giant light bright!

One of my favorites was an interactive screen projected on the floor. If there were leaves being projected on the floor, as the kids moved around, the leaves blew away. The images changed to a few different locations including the ocean. Very fun!

We also visited the water play room. It was lots of wet fun for all ages, but had special seats next to a water tables for babies to play safely in the water as well. Ethan really enjoyed splashing, and banging a plastic measuring cup in the water.

Port Discovery as a whole is just a giant indoor playground with so many fun things to do. It seemed especially good for families with children of different ages and interests. I'm pretty sure we'll be returning though all the stages in Ethan's childhood--Besides, his Daddy and I can't wait to get into that three story play structure!! That slide looked AMAZING! :)

And don't forget to check out the Maryland Science Center while you're there!
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