Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby's First Easter Basket- What to put in there anyway?

I spoke with the Easter bunny recently about creating an Easter basket for my son Ethan's first Easter. I told him I wanted a somewhat traditional Easter basket appropriate for someone under 1yr old (although ultimately this basket could work well for a toddler too). My other goal? This bunny didn't want to break the bank on a basket!!

The bunny and I had a really good time looking for baby basket deals. Keep in mind that some of the contents are best used supervised--and SHHHHhhhhh, don't tell Ethan!

The Easter bunny suggests....

  • Assorted hardboard books (all under $2 each)
  • Egg shaped sidewalk chalk for summer ($2.50)
  • Easter themed rubber duckies (2 for $2)
  • Egg shaped maracas (under $5)

Where do I get this stuff?
I shopped the dollar bins and Easter sections at the craft stores and Target. Also the kid's section at the Christmas Tree shops. The dollar stores work great too! So many places have their Easter items on good sales already.

I think this is the part in the post where I say something corny like "hop to it," but instead I'll wish everyone who celebrates a happy Easter! :)


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