Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party Post

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I kept seeing blog posts for this years Ultimate Blog Party, so I had to check it out for myself! I'm really looking forward to expanding the list of blogs that I regularly follow! If you're a party-goer (or even if you're not)- Welcome!!

A blog in it's infancy

My name is Kristin and I (with much assistance from my 8 month-old baby, Ethan) just recently started this blog to chronicle our adventures in crafting and playing together. We bust the myth that babies can't create works of art and are on in infinite search to make play more creative, educational, and fun. Then, we aim to share our original projects and ideas so other little people (and adults who are little people at heart) can play too!

At 3 months old, Ethan was already so interested!!

So- Why Crafting Play?

Shawn Bean from Parenting Magazine said it best when he says "And here's something that families don't realize: A craft project is more than the sum of its pipe cleaners. It emphasizes a number of enviable qualities and can even teach parents a thing or two." - The Glue Stick that Binds--Give me construction paper, glitter, and cotton swabs, and I'll give you life lessons and a deeper family connection

Stay tuned!! We've got so many more great things to share!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011


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