Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why Take Baby to an Art Exhibit?

...because they may just surprise you!

#16 on my Summer "Quality Time" Top 25 Bucket List  was to go to an art gallery or art walk.

This weekend I amended that bucket list line item (it's my list...I can do with it as I please!) to "Go to an art exhibit."  My reasoning is simple. We were at the State Museum in Harrisburg, PA to visit Curiosity Connection, and they just happened to have a special art exhibit on display. Perfect!!

So we went to the exhibit. We walked around and I talked to Ethan (for reference- he's 11 months old now) about what he was seeing. "Look at all the paintings. You make paintings, right? Look, that one is of a cat!" 

Ethan has his "THAT" finger out and ready! 
He was totally interested in what he was seeing! More so than I would have ever imagined. He was constantly exclaiming "THAT!" and pointing at things that he liked. 

This isn't Ethan's first trip to an art exhibit. In fact, his grandpa and I took him to an Ansel Adams exhibit when he was barely over two months old. Can't start too young!

Ethan before his first art exhibit trip!
So I ask again..why take a baby to an art exhibit? Because they may just enjoy it more than you would think--and a little culture and excitement is never a bad thing!


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