Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Indoor" Pool Fun

For an infant or young toddler who loves the water, an inflatable pool for the backyard makes for a great afternoon. A bit by accident (drying the pool indoors due to a rainstorm) we also found that the infant pool is just as much fun indoors without water as it is outside with water! Ok, maybe not JUST as much fun, but really darn close!

We purchased an infant sized inflatable pool due to help make our lives easier and fit better in our outdoor space. Hint: The infant pool is also great because it only takes approximately 3 gallons of water to "fill," making it much easier to fill the pool with warm water from the tap.

Since the pool is played on so frequently (climbing and flopping in and out), we actually bought a second pool to save in the closet "just in case."

Any other creative uses for a baby pool? What are your favorite pool toys??


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