Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer "Quality Time" Top 25 Bucket List

The 4th of July always reminds me that summer is indeed in full swing, and lights a fire in me to get my summer rolling!

This week I read about a recent survey of over 1,000 mothers and babies conducted by the National Institute of Child Heath and Human Development confirmed that it isn't the amount of time mothers and babies spend together, but the quality of time. In fact, they found profound benefits to children who spend time in high-quality child care including aiding in thinking, language, and learning skills. These children were also found to have an improved transition and performance in first grade. The same can be accomplished by attentive stay-at-home parents who encourage socialization in their children (via regular playgroups, etc).

Most importantly: No matter what your situation, Quality time is key!

That brings me to my Summer Top 25 Bucket List. 
A list of quality "crafting fun" activities specifically suited for an infant/toddler! Look to see specific posts on some of these items as we enjoy our summer!!
  1. Visit a new museum or two with exhibits for babies/infants/toddlers
  2. Visit a zoo
  3. Make coffee filter butterflies
  4. Make multiple trips to the park to swing; have a picnic
  5. Visit the Beach; play in the sand
  6. Visit the Community Pool 
  7. Go to a "safari"
  8. Go to an amusement park
  9. Listen to live music
  10. Make a pin drop game
  11. Make a story magnet board
  12. Go hiking; visit a nature park
  13. Make an ice cube painting
  14. Make a custom onesie 
  15. Visit a butterfly garden
  16. Go to an art gallery or art walk
  17. Make bathtub paint
  18. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  19. Make a ball toss game
  20. Eat dinner at a hibachi grill
  21. Look at fireflies in a jar
  22. Go to a petting zoo
  23. Blow bubbles
  24. Go to a library summer reading event
  25. Visit a children's garden

What's on your summer bucket list??
Together we can make this a summer to remember!


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