Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make a Pin Drop Game

Making a pin drop game is very easy, and a great game for an older infant or toddler. In addition to fun, the game will help develop fine motor skills and manipulation of small objects. 

Crafting the game was #10 on my Summer "Quality Time" Bucket List.

What you need...
1. An empty and clean bottle 
2. Cloths pins (the doll pins are best, but other pins can be used under close supervision)
That's it!!!

Challenge your child to place the cloths pins in the bottle. Adjust the skill level by using bottles with different sized mouth openings, or for older children, drop the pins from further away from the bottle. For older infants, the challenge of placing the pin in the bottle is enough.

What else can you drop in the bottles?? Straws??


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