Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What? Another Blog!?

Ok, I get it. I'm great at thinking that I want to start a blog about xyz, and quickly losing my momentum. I have learned from these blog graveyards, and ultimately it boils down to two things: lack of enthusiasm and lack of enough fresh and new content. This time, I think I just may have it!

So what is Crafting Play? 

Well, since my son Ethan was five months old, I've begun searching for creative art projects and things we can do to have fun TOGETHER. My number of internet searches have all turned up very little results. There are so few resources that cover the specific resources I've envisioned finding. And it's not just me! I've heard the same gripes from other parents with young children. As a result, I've had to get creative! Since then, I have received a number of supportive comments that suggest that I should DO SOMETHING with all these ideas. So here we go, I'm doing something!

These are just some of the topics I can envision this blog addressing:

1. Learning through art
Being a graphic artist myself, I'm very interested in the importance of art education.
2. Art and Craft projects as a method of play at ANY age 
By ANY age I mean as young as 5 months old--have you tried to find art projects for a 5 month old? Good luck!)
3. Creative Art projects 
Things that you can create to enhance fun and play for children
4. Places and Things to do 
Things that can be fun for the WHOLE family, specifically within day trip distance of the Central Pennsylvania area.

There will be more too. So many ideas...Stay tuned....


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