Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrate Pi Day 3.14

Today is March 14...or 3.14.

There's no better day to celebrate the more than 67,000 decimal places in the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle. Ok, enough- that just hurt my brain!

So how does Pi appeal to everyone's senses? 

1. Ever wonder what Pi tastes like?
I don't know about Pi, but PIE is delicious. I urge everyone to have some today. (I think Ethan is going to delight in some Peach Cobbler--that's almost like pie)

2. Ever wonder what Pi sounds like?
Watch the following video by Michael John Blake where he turns 3.14 into an amazing song, and a great way to expose kids to new sounds and rhythms.

The beginning of the video showcases the formula behind the composition, and then on to the music:

Like the song? It's available on iTunes.

Can't get enough?
Dust off the guitar, xylophone, piano...and use it as an excuse to play together.
Doesn't matter how you choose to always sounds fun!
And as always, ENJOY!


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