Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday FUN

A big part of Crafting Fun is finding creative (and EASY) ways to craft fun! DSC_7056This morning is Fat Tuesday, and I woke up wishing I had some sort of Fat Tuesday craft in my back pocket that would could whip up before we headed off to work and school. Well, maybe I do…but not under those kinds of time restraints….

Dig my stash of Mardi Gras beads out of the closet and present them to 7 month old. Success! He was quite mesmerized by them for a good portion of the morning. No bead stash of your own? A cheap trip to the party store can fix that!
Fun and festive!! (As always, these are great fun for a baby, but should always be used with adult supervision!!)

I hope to have a Mardi Gras craft ready to post this week, but if it never makes it out of brain and on to paper, I leave you with this great craft instead:

This craft is from The Handprint and Footprint Art blog, which I LOVE.

There are a lot of great crafts and inspiration to be found by Amanda there for a wide range of ages. Enjoy!

If you’re in Fasnacht country, enjoy! Otherwise, eat up…Fat Tuesday should be just that!


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