Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easy Squeezey Handprint Gift Tag

Yesterday I posted how to make handprint tulips with your favorite little person. They were created as a gift (although I loved them so much I made more for myself!)

So, what’s a gift without a gift tag?!?

A handprint gift tag was easy and worked perfectly with handprint tulips.

They’re super easy! (and did I mention that you can pretty much make them for free!)
  • Trace and cut out a handprint
  • Use a hole punch to punch in the middle finger (If your little person’s hand is small, put a small piece of tape on the finger first before you punch the hold to add reinforcement!)
  • Thread curling ribbon (or even satin ribbon) though the hole
  • Tie a knot in the ribbon just above the hole (this will help the tag lay properly)
  • Attach to the package and curl the ends of the curling ribbon.
Here’s Ethan enjoying his now complete gift. We were talking about how he helped make the tulips, and doesn't he look proud?!?!!


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