Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Craft

Last weekend Ethan crafted in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day next week. I drew a shamrock template in Illustrator, printed it out, and got out Ethan's finger green paint (if you choose to use my template, or any printout for that matter, the higher weight paper, the better--wet paper tears easily!). The one shamrock Ethan filled in completely with his creative little fingers. On the second shamrock, we used three fingerprints and  drew a stem with a green marker to make a fingerprint shamrock.

Take it up a notch?
We made the painting a texture exploration by adding green sugar sprinkles to the green paint.
When he was done, I added a bit of glitter to give them an extra kick. We let them dry and I cut them out (after all casualties were mended with tape).

So now what??
Here's some suggestions:
  • Paste them back to back and hang from the ceiling
  • Glue them to a folded piece of construction paper to make a homemade St. Patrick's Day card
  • Frame and hang
  • Add to the refrigerator art collection
Enjoy, and don't forget to download the free shamrock template.


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