Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What happens to all this artwork? Do you save it??

A co-worker of mine sent me a link to an article on TODAYMoms entitled Kids' Artwork: Do you save it, or throw it out? It's an interesting read, and brings up a pretty good topic for discussion.

What to do with all that artwork??
I think we can agree that we can't keep it all, if for no other reason than to recognize that not all projects can withstand the test of time. Some projects just may not "make the cut" and make it into that special "Save me" folder. These are the top three ways (besides a special folder) that I archive my son's baby masterpieces...

1. Wall Gallery 
I start by creating an art gallery on my son's bedroom wall. A few photo frames where we rotate and display some of his most recent and inspiring projects. I rotate the artwork ...sometimes artwork stacks behind others in the frames. It's only temporary storage, but it's so nice for Ethan to be able to enjoy and take pride in his work. Also, it keeps my fridge clean!! (And don't forget that some pieces just might look wonderful framed in other living spaces around the house!)

2. Digital Storage
I scan and/or photograph the majority of Ethan's projects. If they fit on the flatbed scanner, they get scanned. If they are something larger or more organic like our handprint tulips I am sure to take a photograph. Of course, there are some projects and paintings that just don't make the cut, but since digital space is relatively "unlimited," I don't edit down the stack too much. Once projects are scanned I can determine if they are truly "save folder" worthy.

3. Online Backup
Having recently had a fire in my home...and in the wake of an east coast earthquake followed by a hurricane, I cannot stress enough the importance of some sort of online storage for these precious works of art. There is so much peace of mind in knowing that all your photos and images are always safe and sound in another remote location.

So I'm interested to know: do you keep them, or pitch them? How do you keep your closet from becoming a Rolodex of baby art?


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