Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ice Painting

I was very excited to try out "ice paint" with Ethan. I'd seen a similar project online for preschoolers, but I wanted to adapt it for a baby or young toddler.
As you remember, making ice paints was on of the items on my Summer Bucket List!

Here's all you need:
An ice cube tray (one you won't use for consuming ice later!)
Finger paints
Coffee Filters (or paper is fine too)

Now what you do:
1. Squirt some paint into the cube tray. A lot goes a long way. I was happy to find a tray that offered long narrow cubes, that once frozen, looked a lot like crayons. Of course, you can use any tray in any sort of shape!

2. Fill the rest of the tray with water, high enough to just cover the paint (be careful to use just enough water to create a solid shape, but not so much that your paints are significantly enveloped in water!).

3. Freeze.

4. Once the paints are frozen, get ready and paint away on the coffee filters! Of course, you can paint on any paper, but the water helps create a great effect on the coffee filters.
Note: The paints are a little slow to get started until the ice starts to melt. Use a little patience...the warmth of your hands will be enough to start the ice melting quickly!

Not only is this project a lot of fun for kids of all ages (it would be especially fun outside on a hot summer day), but it's a good opportunity talk about "cold," and maybe even practice signing it!!



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