Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Family Concert Fun!

Babies naturally find music more engaging than speech. Additionally, music stimulates metal awareness and development.

I've always enjoyed concerts and live music, so I wanted to see how my 11 month old would react to a "concert." (Listening to live music was #9 on my Summer "Quality Time" Bucket List.)

It's easy enough to find "family" concerts over the summer. So many community parks hold concert events, and so many of them are FREE. Kick it up a notch? It's doubly fun if you can pack a lunch and picnic at the same time!

Since music is so enjoyable to even the youngest children, summer concerts can be great fun for all ages!

We were extra lucky enough to find a kid's concert, and Ethan had a great time! He especially enjoyed watching some of the bigger kids dance and "making friends" with other concert-goers! I'd definitely recommend it!


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