Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Handprint Crab

We've been a bit light on crafting around these parts lately. Living in a hotel for the last six weeks (displaced by a house fire), hasn't lent it self well to crafting! This weekend hurricane Irene brought us some crummy weekend weather, and helped me decide that it was indeed time to get out the paints and brushes!

Having limited crating supplies on hand, I decided we'd do a simple handpainting project. Amanda at the Handprint and Footprint Art blog recently posted a collection of Cute Handprint Crabs that I used to inspire our own crab project.

Of course, we painted our crab to have it's own flair!

We used fingerprints to create the eyes. I helped Ethan smear his fingers on the paper to create the water (I think this was his favorite part!) Mommy painted on the crab claws. And of course, when our crab was complete, I let Ethan go to town and create his own abstract creation!

My favorite part of this project is asking Ethan where his crab painting is, and seeing him proudly walk over and point it out on the wall! How fun!!

How will you add your own spin to the handprint crab?


Amanda said...

It turned out really cute! Thanks for the link back :) I love the water underneath!

Crafting Play said...

Thanks! Ethan loved making that water!


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