Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Creating an Identity Student Work

I talked a little bit about my project to rebrand before. It's work that I have been wanting to do for a long time, but the whole process made my brain hurt. Anytime I've attempted to brand before, I always end up falling short. What I really needed was a bit of guidance and some accountability. This spring I was lucky enough to take the Creating an Identity course with Melanie Burk through Nicole's Classes and put together a brand package that I really enjoy.
It was just featured in the Student Work section of the Nicole's Classes blog in June, too. Pretty cool, right? Make sure to stop over and see some of the other awesome and inspiring work that my classmates did as well.

nicole's classes student work!
Image from original Nicole's Classes blog post

Even though I have no intention of designing identities for clients, I learned a lot from this class. The process was a great way to force myself to think through my work properly. I was reminded to draw ideas from many different resources...look at lamp shades, clothing, curtains, etc. Lastly, to keep working though an idea, and trying to keep pushing the idea in different directions.
OK, enough about that! This girl has work to do!


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