Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Create and Create Again

It's been quite around here lately. Not that life has been quiet, but I've been working on some things behind the scenes, and haven't really been posting.


I'm taking this blog in a bit of a new direction. I love sharing ideas about projects for tots and all the creative energy that goes into them; I will continue to share them too...but always seemed like such a small piece of the pie (yum!)

Instead, I'll be following more of a creative lifestyle route. (Because like most creative folks, I have a hard time focusing my energy all in one place). I want to blog about photography, graphic design, interior design, fashion, creativity,  and all those fun and playful things that inspire me every day. They're all so tightly interwoven, and I can't wait to share my creative journey!

Most of my energy lately has gone to designing and revising my brand. I recently launched phase 1 of my website. with it's brand spanking new logo. (Huge shout-out to Melanie and all the student's at Nicole's classes who helped me work thought my brand design in the Creating an Identity class!) I'm also working on this space here. I'm just getting started, but happy to start fresh!

Ok, enough about that! More brand spanking new content to follow.


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