Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jumping Bean Train T-Shirt Gets it Right

Jumping Bean T -Kohl's
I feel a little extra joy every time I look at this t-shirt. Our little dude is extremely particular about what he wears. If he doesn't fall in love with the design on the shirt, forget it. If it has buttons on it, it's dead to him. Seriously. I was really excited when I found this shirt at Kohls because he loves the trains, and I love the great illustration. There's so much great shape, texture, and repetition. Lots of movement and a good use of the vertical space. The detail on the logs and the little trees have to be my favorites. Now not only do we have a shirt that he likes, but one that I love to look at. Well done Jumping Bean!

PS- Even better yet, it costs $6! (Looks like stock may be getting low)


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