Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Loves

I knew when I began that my "Happiness is..." photo series would need to adapt and change. I also knew that if I didn't just get started that I never would--a bigger bummer.

Little Loves is my new project title. It's a bit more organic. It's about remembering to pick up my camera (preferably my SLR- although not always), and capturing everyday details. Because frankly, that's exactly what I love about photography.

The Secret Formula

The Secret Formula to our recent successful tooth brushing is TWO special toddler selected toothbrushes. Toddler must sit on the counter (we have a very large vanity) and be in full control of the water. Wash and repeat must take place many times. Now the fight isn't the tooth brushing so much as when to stop the tooth brushing. We pick our battles. Of course, the formula will most likely change somewhere in the near future, but for now we celebrate the small victory.

New Shoes

I am in love with these Keen toddler shoes. The canvas and shoe construction is very sturdy, and let's face it, they're super cute. I look hard to find clothing that fits Ethan's personality. These are a good fun fit. 


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