Thursday, April 19, 2012

Intro to Glue Stick, aka Spring Daffodil Project

The Spring Tulips we made for a gift last spring have been such a hit that I couldn't wait to post this similar project.

There is minimal prep time involved, but it was a quick and easy craft to introduce using a glue stick, and the result made a great gift.

Construction paper
Small cupcake wrapper
Glue Stick
Pipe cleaner

Cut out two flower shapes from construction paper. (I drew one with pencil first, and then used that cutout as a stencil to create the other.)

Construction (the toddler part!):
  • Use a piece of clear tape to attach the pipe cleaner to one of the flower cutouts.
  • Use glue stick to adhere the other flower on top- sandwiching the pipe cleaner between the two flower forms.
  • Glue the cupcake wrapper to the center of the flower.

That's it! It's quick and easy, but makes a great presentation. As I mentioned before, it was a great way to introduce (or practice) working with a glue stick to your toddler. Ethan really enjoyed "playing glue" and of course, he was impressed that he had a flower to proudly hand his teacher when he was all done.

For the gift presentation part, I tied two of the flowers together with curling ribbon. I also added construction paper leaves that I curled a little (by wrapping them around a pencil). I also added a leaf shaped gift tag.

(PS- If you use the project, I'd love to hear from you!)


Didi said...

This is such a pretty and cheerful craft. Great idea! Thanks for sharing this at the Kid's Co-op.

Crafting Play said...

Thanks Didi! :)


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