Thursday, April 26, 2012

Planting for Spring

When I first suggested to Ethan that he help me plant seeds, he was so excited! He went on and on about seeds. Truth is, I don't think he even knew what seeds were- I'm not sure if he quite knows even now- but he sure knows what to do with them! Chances are, he was just excited by the opportunity to help.

My hope was to have Ethan dump the seeds into my planters and then I would cover them with soil. I got them all ready to go and it started raining! Ugh! Downpour. He was heartbroken. So I put down some newspaper, brought one of the planters inside, and gave him a sand shovel.  He loved dumping the seeds into the pot, and used his shovel to help me cover the seeds with topsoil. He enjoyed the activity so much that he cried when the seeds were all gone.

Trying to mend his broken heart, I promised that we'd try it again outside soon. So we did. Same thing- he loved it! This time I dumped them into a cup and let him sprinkle them on the dirt. Again, he thought it was great. He was devastated when they were all gone. As a backup, I gave him some grass seed and pointed him to some bald spots in the grass. He could have planted seeds all day, luckily we ran out of daylight!

The takeaway is this: Planting seeds is a super fun activity for toddlers, inside our outside!

Hope you get some time to plant and that you're flowers are beautiful this summer!

Do you have any good experiences planting with toddlers?


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