Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Young Toddler Matching Game

It was a chilly, windy, winter day and we had a toddler in the house who was clearly bored until Daddy had the great idea to play Memory- toddler style.

Not only is the game great for entertainment, but the ability to see similarities and differences in objects practices classification, an early math skill.

We worked through a number of different ways to play until we found the one we thought worked best.

What you need:
Cards from a Memory game, 4-6 pairs seemed to work best. Or create your own- print out pairs of clip art images or even family photos and cut into squares.

How to play:
Mix the cards, picture side up on the floor and encourage your toddler to match like pairs. 
"Here's a lion. Can you find another lion?" or "Can you find me two owls?"
Repeat until all of the card matches have been made.
Play again. :)

Do you have a similar matching game that you play?


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