Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bathtub Canvas

You don't need bathwater- the tub is such a fantastic giant canvas on a rainy day. Even more good news? The clean-up is a breeze! The whole activity is pretty cool, and a toddler will take great pride in being able to create and make marks that big!

Remember to use the giant canvas as an opportunity to learn:
  • Ask or discuss what color crayon your child is using, or what color they would like to use. Tell them what a good idea it was to use that blue crayon- it's great practice! 
  • Ask them what they are drawing, or what they would like to draw- you just may be surprised by what those lines represent!
  • Ask if they can draw a specific object for you- Get them thinking about the marks they are making
  • Provide words of encouragement- always!
  • Ask them if they would like you to draw something. What would that be?- Every time we do this, Ethan always asks me to draw something that I never would have expected
  • Review vocabulary- Draw something, and ask them about what you just drew
  • Write letters and numbers, or names. Or count the crayons.

Bonus- Heal diaper rash??

The best cure for diaper rash is to let the area air dry, but letting a little boy run around the house sans diaper was not #1 on my to-do list on this particular day. In fact, it's not even on my top 10! The bathtub seemed like a perfect place to be with a bare bottom, so I got out the bathtub crayons and let the little guy go to town. (I considered trying some shaving creme bath paint too, but I wanted to be able to contain the mess since running the water wasn't on the agenda) 

The drawing lasted a whole hour before he got bored, leaving lots of time for a baby bottom to get some much needed relief. Not to mention, the activity was engaging enough to keep his mind off of his discomfort! 

I'd love to hear- How do you use your bathtub as a creative canvas??


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