Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maracas ring in Cinco de Mayo! -Even make your own!

Get out the maracas!
Maracas are practically big rattles, and great fun for babies. I got Ethan a "real" pair, but there are plenty of "baby safe" versions out there. I can't think of a way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo that Ethan would enjoy more! He LOVES his maracas--He totes them around everywhere with him!

Don't have Maracas?
You can make some yourself!! In a previous post I covered how to make Discovery Bottles- for free!! These bottles, filled with popping corn (un-popped of course!) or some dried beans will do the trick as a great substitute!

Party it up!
Of course, what Cinco de Mayo would be complete without some great Mexican music!?! Or maybe some Dance of the Cucumber thanks to Veggie Tales?!

Remember, it's not a Cinco de Mayo party if you don't fall asleep with your Maraca!

Like the maracas? Create discovery bottles for free! :)


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